Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

At LEAFSHIELD GUTTER GUARDS, we respect the privacy of our customers and visitors. We will make every effort to ensure that our website complies with strict standards for online privacy, security, business practices, transaction integrity and availability. If you have any specific questions about the LEAFSHIELD GUTTER GUARDS’s Privacy Statement, please contact us.

LEAFSHIELD GUTTER GUARDS requests certain information that is needed to personally identify you ("Account Information"). Your personal information is used to create your personal access to products on the site, and to contact you in the course of using the products.  Financial information that is collected is used to verify your identity, and to bill you (or your company) for products. Demographic and profile data collected by LEAFSHIELD GUTTER GUARDS may be used to improve the Website, administer requested email communications, and to display information that is more relevant to you. LEAFSHIELD GUTTER GUARDS also compiles information pertaining to demographics and product use, but in the aggregate only.  LEAFSHIELD GUTTER GUARDS will not make any personal information about an individual user available to anyone under any circumstances.

LEAFSHIELD GUTTER GUARDS will never share your personal information with a third party without your permission except in instances where such disclosure is necessary to process payment transactions or provide services that you have requested. LEAFSHIELD GUTTER GUARDS will not provide more information than is necessary to perform the transaction you have requested. We do not release personal information about you as an individual. The only exception is if LEAFSHIELD GUTTER GUARDS is compelled to do so by an appropriately empowered governmental authority.

Your email address is used only to send you information that you have requested. As part of your LEAFSHIELD GUTTER GUARDS patronage, LEAFSHIELD GUTTER GUARDS allows you the option to receive, or not receive, certain communications from us. LEAFSHIELD GUTTER GUARDS adheres strictly to permission-based email policy. LEAFSHIELD GUTTER GUARDS will not sell, rent, or loan our contact lists or our customer's contact lists (including customer data) to any outside parties. All emails that you have requested will have an option to unsubscribe. Unsubscribe requests are fulfilled immediately, and no further communications will be sent to users who have stated that they do not wish to receive the specified information.

While IP addresses (address of a computer) are logged to track a user's session, the user's identity is anonymous. Tracking IP addresses gives LEAFSHIELD GUTTER GUARDS information about which parts of our site are used most often and what information is viewed.
LEAFSHIELD GUTTER GUARDS will not sell, rent, loan or allow external access to a customer's contact lists.

LEAFSHIELD GUTTER GUARDS intends to take reasonable precautions to abide by this Privacy Policy. However, in the event that LEAFSHIELD GUTTER GUARDS does not comply with  all terms contained in this Privacy Policy, you agree by using this site  and by submitting information to this Site, that your sole and  exclusive remedy against LEAFSHIELD GUTTER GUARDS will be to request that LEAFSHIELD GUTTER GUARDS promptly corrects the handling of your information in the future  to accord with this Privacy Policy, and to notify anyone to whom LEAFSHIELD GUTTER GUARDS directly transferred any information of the correct information  or to cease using such information.

As our website continues to evolve, this policy may change. Therefore, we encourage you to refer to this policy on an ongoing basis so that you understand our current privacy policy. This policy was most recently updated March 2017.
If, at any time, you have questions or concerns about our privacy practices, please feel free contact us with "Privacy Concerns" in your comments.